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Sandy M
December 11, 2023

Each twist, presents a new landscape, a new vision, a new outcome.

Each one, more colourful and crazy than the one before. Then next one unpredictable. We have an idea of what the next one looks like, but we can never know for sure.

If we lived in a kaleidoscope world, which would look better? The fantasy or the reality?

The same can be said for our business ideas. It begins as an extreme fantasy. An idea so crazy, that we dare not share it with anyone, for fear of being ridiculed. The fantasy becomes a dream. A recurring dream, that gets a little clearer and less scary each time. Then we commit! We take the plunge! We actively start working on making the dream become a reality. We set goals. We take action. We layout plans. We do the work. We have a vision. A crystal-clear vision. Blurry to others, but crystal clear to us. We keep working on it. It begins to take form. We hit a hurdle. The dream shatters… but, not completely, as the vision is so clear. We pause, pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding. Not quite the same – but better. Each obstacle, each failure allows us to twist the kaleidoscope and create a new version of our dream.

And this is how Shane and I have built our Gypsy Life Business. We had the vision, did the work, made it happen. 6 years ago, this month, we put in the offer to buy the dilapidated property where our Gypsy Haven now stands. We had our crystal-clear vision. We overcame so many obstacles. But we had absolutely no idea of what actually lay ahead of us. We had no idea that we were in the process of building a business what was so authentic to us. A business that would change our lives and our quality of life dramatically.

We had absolutely no idea the effect that our colourful world was going to have on other people.

We did not know that we would be impacting people, inspiring people and creating a place where special people could come and heal. A safe, tranquil place where they can come and just be.

We now feel very blessed and privileged to be on this journey. To be able to offer our space to people who appreciate the love that we have put into it.

Our Kaleidoscope has been gathering dust.

We have been so caught up in the business of doing business, that we have not allowed ourselves to pause and look through the lens and see what other people see. The magical colourful space that we have created for our guests and a space that we call home.

We have hosted a number of spiritual retreats this year. Each one unique. Retreats bring a very different dynamic to our space. A group of people, often strangers, gather in a space and embark on their spiritual journey. We hear their gentle chatter and laughs. It is not a raucous party. There is a bond between these people. We feel it. The energy in our space is different when these retreats are taking place.

It takes courage for these people to step into the unknown. It get uncomfortable, with the goal of making a break through. To deal with whatever is plaguing them. To heal from whatever is paining them. They are lead and guided by brave individuals whose life calling is to love and share love with those around them. To support and guide their people to live a more fulfilled life, with greater purpose.

This last weekend, we took part in some of the activities. We witnessed first hand the effect that a retreat has on people. We were amazed by how many people were grateful of our place. These are their words, not ours. “to be in a place that was built with love, a safe space, a beautiful space. Close to nature. We see little pieces of you everywhere. Peace. A place where I can just be myself.”

These compliments surpass the business plan that we had. It is not about the amenities that we offer, it is about the feeling. The experience.

This space, is something that we have created without conscious intention.

Our reality far surpassed our initial fantasy!

We sat on the floor in our reception room, in a circle with these amazing people, and saw our place through their eyes and hearts. We saw the effect that it had on them.

We were blown away. We are so grateful to have had our reality checked.

This morning, we received a reminder that our dream, is even better than we could ever have imagined. The timing of this message could not have come at a better time, as Shane and I embark on a new journey. We have a crystal-clear vision of a new business. Another division of Gypsy Life. We have committed. We are doing the work. The obstacles are massive! The dream is insane!!

But today we were reminded, that it is going to be worth it. That we have what it takes. It is going to be even more sparkly and colourful than we can foresee. It is going to impact even more people.

What is the next twist of the Kaleidoscope going to reveal for us as business owners, our guests and our future clients?

We are excited to see!

We are grateful to know that you are on this journey with us. Supporting and encouraging us.

Thank you for stepping into our Gypsy Life and enriching our lives.

Sending loads of Gypsy Love always.

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